When it comes to Branding we start with a KICK! BOOM! CLAP! and never STOP.

Management By Will

(For Personalities)

One of the most important things to know in life is what you’re good at, and what you need help with. Strengths and weaknesses, we all have them, and that is why we are all so unique. We can all go to the gym and workout today, but without guidance, how would we know if we are doing the right thing. All athletes have coaches, some even have personal trainers. This doesn’t mean any less to their abilities at their sport. They just need a professional who’s skilled to coach and motivate them along the way and you should have too. To them and many others with the right personal trainers, it’s worth it; even if it’s just for health reasons. So why shouldn’t it be worth it to you? Sure it might cost some money to begin with, but it will get the job done. It takes you from being a ‘regular smegular degular’ gym goer with a high risk for injury, into a world stage athlete. With “Management by Will” we allow you focus on your craft, while we will focus on turning your page into a star. It’s what we are good at.

Don’t believe it works? Ask yourself, how did you get here? You’re engaged, you clicked on this because you’re a real follower and you saw something you liked. Now let’s try this with your own brand, blog or merchandise. Check it out for yourself.


Okay you got yourself some followers; you’re a star around your block. Or no, you are working on a startup, and you know you got something hot, but it’s not being seen enough. There’s a problem and you’re not seeing a solution to it. It’s time to treat yourself like a real fortune 500 company, and that’s what we call branding. What makes a business or person stand out? It’s how others perceive them. This is where we come to the rescue. With our branding techniques, we will, help, guide, and teach you how to engage with your audience so they keep checking for you. We will put you in the right inner circles so you can see how people just like you are profiting off this social media utopia. You worked hard on your craft your whole life. Let’s turn that into a money making machine for you. It’s time for the recognition. You deserve it.


Yeah, I know, you were too busy working on your company release date and planning events.

You lost track of your audience and fans.

What's the point of a launch if nobody is around to see it?

You’re not Drake (yet), you can’t just have a Pop Up shop open out of nowhere.

You’re not Supreme, there’s no historical hype behind your brand.

This is why we are here, to grow, communicate and interact with your audience,

giving them what they want and leaving them wanting more.

You want your brand to be the hottest thing since the beginning of the universe.

Scientist called that the big bang theory.

Therefore, this is why this is the Big Boom Theory.

We do everything for you to make you stand out from the competition.

Your own little consultant department, specialized to your needs.

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