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We all know what Instagram is. Now home to a billion active users, many businesses are utilizing the platform to stand out as a brand, and you can too. With our many years of experience on the platform we've learned how to successfully grow and brand any page on Instagram. Now it’s our turn to give back. In recent years we’ve been helping our friends and locals grow their page whether it be small mom and pops shops, sports team, modeling, photography, music or artistry. Now they are more engaged on the platform because they found the audience they’ve been looking for.

Some of us have seen our moms try to use Instagram before, and it wasn’t pleasant (haha). Instagram can be a scary place when you first start out. With new features being added all the time, it’s hard for a single person to fully benefit all of what they have to offer. That’s why we are here. We are here to help others get through the struggle of not growing so they can focus on their content and craft. We can show you the basics, and teach you how to get the most out of this wonderful platform we call Instagram.

Quality Ingredients

Who likes fake cheese on their pizza? Not us. Bots and fake followers are plain old whack!! It’s all about growing good, quality, organic and engaging ingredients, we mean audience. Lol, Right? Yes! This means all the people that follow you live a normal life just like you. They are the cinnamon to your apple. The avocado to our toast. And we all know how well those go together. Let’s talk society. For your brand, just like in real life, who’s going to know you exist if you never bumped into them. This is where we specialize at, TARGET marketing. Once we find out your goals for social media, we are able to bring to you the right demographic. We got you covered.

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Digital Marketing 101

How do you grow on Instagram?

When first starting out the truth is simple yet complicated and mostly misunderstood. There’s level to it! We have learned many different methods of growth, and for which ones work for each level and person. We call them “Boom” strategies, and business is always booming, quote, unquote. 

You don’t have to sit on your phone all day following then unfollowing people. Spamming works sometimes until you get banned, and what about buying fake likes? We been there done that, we see right through your fake likes. All this stress on your fingers can lead to arthritis and that’s just not the path anybody should want to take. You’re a human being. All your time is spent working on your business, products to launch or blog. You have other things to worry about. We got the formula, we got the experience. We really got you covered. 



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Why turn yourself into a brand?

Instagram is huge!! It’s a modern day utopia. And there are people living well off it right now, and you can too. Ask yourself what’s stopping you? I don’t know about you, but I like Wendy’s more than Mickie Dees now, and that's because of their social media feed. But we all can’t be Wendy’s with their huge budget, we have to start small. But always think BIG. There’s a bigger picture that everybody’s not seeing. And it’s in your mirror, literally, figuratively? But that’s past the point. If you don’t put yourself out there, how are brands or advertisers supposed to notice you? If you don’t put your business out there. How are fans or customers supposed to find you? This is why we go into more depth than just gaining you followers. After you have your foot in the door, we work on building you the image you always wanted.

Our team has and studied different branding techniques to know the right direction for you. With our knowledge of Instagram analytics, we know how to market you. What to post. When to post. Why to post. How your audience will react to it. A typical Instagram page starts generating regular income or customers after 10-20k, if you already have over 20k and you haven’t made a single penny off your Instagram page or nobody has reached out to you. You’re doing something wrong. If you already reached 50-100k followers and you can’t semi live off your Instagram, you have fake cheese, and faking it till you make it is cool, but why wait any longer to eat? We are here to correct that for you or your business therefore when you see your first dollar, it will be on time and not when you down to your last penny. 

Time is money, wasting time should be a crime, and money is best well spent. To specify to your own needs, we have created different tiers of Boom strategies just for you. From Personal (Management by Will), to business (Perks Full Business Coverage), and when you're ready you can try the mecca of all branding(The Big Boom Theory). You can start right now and we will have you covered.


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